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The Ultimate Organic Experience

Welcome to our ultimate “one-stop” organic shop where you can buy all your favourite organic items. Do all your everyday shopping then why not indulge yourself and spend some time browsing our range of luxurious organic bedding or treat your little ones to some funky new organic clothes?
Special Organic Offer 13th October 2007
Knobbly Carrot Red Dragon (a soup with attitude) (chilled)
Ke Ka Organic Tee for ChildrenNEW! Fantastic range of organic tees (bodysuits for under 12 months) that come ready to post out as gifts in ready-to-mail, brown boxes.

In our Organic Shop you’ll find an incredible selection of organic foods – from mundane baked beans to those more luxurious moments of Green & Black’s organic ice creams. If time is short and you have young babies and toddlers why not visit our special section devoted to foods especially for them – all their favourites in one place. Take a look at organic items shop.

Organic food and clothes for babies and childrenLook no further for your eco friendly cleaning products and, for those pampering moments, we have a full range of certified organic beauty and bath time products.

Use the links on the left or click on the images, browse and select – even add to your favourites to save time shopping next time – just enjoy your shopping experience with Face of Flowers Organic.

Shannon Haas
Shannon Haas
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