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Outsourcing to an occupational health service provider

You are well aware that a growing workforce requires a bigger, better management. And one of its pillars is your staff’s health and safety in the workplace. That’s why you’ve been looking for a face fit testing Brisbane wide, right?


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Now, before you book a contractor for this test, think about your future needs. You might need to conduct other tests besides face fit testing later on. Therefore, if you have a safety officer in your company, you can discuss getting help from a third-party provider.

Particularly, you should consider outsourcing all your wokrplace safety requirements to an occupational health service provider.

Why outsource to an occupational health service provider

No matter how skilled they are, no single person (ex. a safety officer) can’t thoroughly oversee a growing company’s occupational health. On the other hand, hiring a small in-house team seems to be expensive for now.

Besides, you also need skilled experts with unbiased perspectives. How else can you be sure that the occupational medical assessment is fair and precise? Aside from adhering to legal requirements, you need a team of verified, season experts to weigh in on things.

For instance, what if you need to conduct Silica risk assessments, drug and alcohol tests, or Audiometry testing?

The results of those tests have to be accurate. Therefore, a group of healthcare experts (ex. physicians trained in occupational health or medical review officers) must interpret the results well for you. This way, you can know how it affects your workforce and your business in general.

More importantly, your employees’ lives will be at risk if you go cheap on this.

That’s why you need an occupational health management company. You can’t do it alone. You need a seasoned partner to ensure your greatest asset—your workforce—is healthy and safe. More here Resile

The provider can:

  • provide consultancy services
  • deploy a medical officer to your workplace
  • setup temporary facilities onsite
  • conduct the tests such as face fit testing Brisbane service

Overall, they can share your responsibilities that you have as an employer.

Just take a look at your duties to see why you need a partner.

Your responsibilities as an employer

  • You need to take actions in minimising risks
  • You need to report, classify, and tend to injuries
  • You need to make sure everyone’s not endangered at work
  • You must assign only a certified operator to handling equipment
  • You need to enlist your employees’ medical conditions that may affect their performance

As you can see, no single person can handle these responsibilities in a growing business. Moreover, if ever you’re in the NSW coal mining industry, anyone who oversees your workers’ occupational health must be knowledgeable about the Order 43 Medical standards.


You may be sincere in providing a healthy and safe workplace; however, you don’t have the time to read a wall of text, do you?

That’s why it’s important that you hire an occupational health service provider. Only then can you successfully reach the standards of an ideal workplace—a healthy and safe environment for your employees.

Hire seasoned experts in occupational health 

You need a reliable partner in this heavy task. With their help, the load will be lighter.

Take Resile, for instance. Under the leadership of physician Dr Robert McCartney, they have helped businesses in the construction, mining, education, and retail industry and more.

Visit if you need a face fit testing Brisbane service.

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