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Living in a single student accommodation: challenges and solutions

You will be embarking on a new journey—transferring to another area and living independently to study at a university. Regardless if your parents or guardians trained you or coddled you, you will still face some challenges. Therefore, before you look for single student accommodation, you might want to prepare for these possible challenges:

Adjustment period

An adjustment period can test your patience, especially if you’re resistant to change. You might be overwhelmed if you don’t prepare enough. Therefore, months ahead of your transfer, make sure to visit the area near your university. Take some time to familiarize the environment, especially the neighbourhood of the single student accommodation you chose. Get to know the culture, the energy, the activities, etc. This way, your adjustment period will be shorter once you transfer there.


Of course, this is inevitable especially if you’re planning to rent a single student accommodation. This will be a real problem if you’re not used to the quiet. Thus, before visiting the university’s neighbourhood, research about the most trusted study hubs, co-working spaces, parks, or coffee shops. List them down and choose one or two that appeal to your needs or taste. Next, when you visit the area, you can drop by, sit down for a coffee, and get a feel of the place. Even though you don’t have a roommate with whom you can hang out, the white noise will make you feel less alone.

Minor repair problems

It is your responsibility to learn minor repair skills; however, there will be times when you will be caught off guard. Surely, you can open YouTube and search for a DIY tutorial. However, what if it involves something hazardous or unfamiliar like electrical wirings? So, before you transfer, ensure to gather a list of contacts—plumbers, mobile mechanics, electricians, etc. who offer services in the area. Even better, you can rent an accommodation Griffith has today with a reliable staff. They should be able to help you with these types of problems.


Living alone in an accommodation student, it definitely feels good to have no parents watching your back, right? Regardless, this is a double-edged sword. With freedom also comes a price. If you don’t discipline yourself, you might fall into a spiral of laziness.

Therefore, make sure to acknowledge the root of your distraction—is it your neighbours, your smartphone, or a certain person? If it’s peer pressure from your neighbours or classmates, don’t feel too guilty to decline—weekends will always be there, but the deadlines won’t. If it’s your smartphone, you can install some apps that limit your screen time or lock addicting apps like Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat. You can also turn off all your notifications. Do your best to stray away from anything or anyone that consumes your precious time.

Final thoughts

Most of these challenges will definitely test your patience; others will make you laugh afterwards for taking them so seriously. Nevertheless, one thing is definite: during this period, you will definitely grow. Well, unless you refuse to learn from your mistakes, of course. Just make sure to consider following these tips, your adjustment period in a studio student accommodation will be shorter. Check out

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