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Commercial gates: Convenience and security in one

Electric gates are convenient for drives since you can open them remotely. Moreover, you can install these gates both in domestic and commercial properties. Nevertheless, are they safe for the operators and the people around them? To answer this question, it is important to mention that due to safety concerns, the domestic and commercial gates must comply with European regulations.

Yes, there is a specific specification that regulates the installation of all types of electric gates. How can customers be sure their electric gates are compliant with the norms? Conformity with regulations has to be ensured by the installer. Therefore, once the installation has been completed, a comprehensive assessment of all the risks of the gates has to be performed.

The client should be given all the information about potential risks. The installer has to give the customer the recommendations for the protection devices that should be used. Moreover, a complete maintenance program should also be provided. All these tests are absolutely necessary because if they are not performed the gate is considered non-compliant. For instance, the ornate metal gates Leicester are wrought iron, which are manufactured by dedicated craftsmen in the UK not always comply with requirements, though, this can be critical.

What is the most suitable design of commercial gates?

What is the design that suits a commercial application? Well, electric gates for commercial premises come in many different designs. There are myriad of gates designs. The wooden gates Leicester has today are beautiful masterpieces, made of the highest quality wood found in the country. Both wrought and wooden gates can be either sliding or swing gates, depending on the availability of space at the site of installation.

These gates are generally built high, so they can offer a top level of security. To protect the parking of the commercial premises, barriers and bollards can be installed too. If security is a concern in the area where your premises are located, the installation of railings and fencing in addition to the gates are recommended. These can provide additional perimeter security and keep intruders away.

Commercial gates and security issues

Nevertheless, be aware that electric commercial gates alone cannot guarantee total security for your premises. Even if these gates are built high and solid, it is recommended to add electric locks, security cameras, and access systems based on electronic tokens like keycards. These will complement the effectiveness of the gate motors. However, never entrust all the safety of your commercial premises to an electric gate and other devices. If necessary, hire security guards.

Electric domestic gates, on the other hand, have less emphasis on security. In this case, aesthetics and a beautiful combination with the architecture of the house is the goal. The most popular design for is swing gates.

However, upon request, different designs can be adapted to the setting. In any case, the gates are made to measure. The design that is proposed fits all the customer’s requirements. In fact, customers can provide their own design and specifications. As for the case of commercial gates, the electric gates can be wrought iron or wooden. Visit us at: http://www.magtecelectricgates.co.uk/

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